How to tie you baby using Kitenge fabric

Kitenge for the long time have been use by African mothers to tie children on the back. This easy your work and you are able to malt ask .in Kenya this is commonly among house helps or nannies who are given work to do as they babysit. With Kitenge fabric you have no reason to finish you work on time as you can work with you the baby on your back. You thought of trying these here are the steps.

fig 1. how to tie you baby on the back using kitenge fabric
fig 1.mother in process of tying the baby on  her back. 
  1. Find a rectangular piece of fabric. Always use soft but sturdy cotton that is one metre wide
  2. Put the cloth at your waistline and kneel forward with your torso parallel to the ground.
  3. Lean forward and grab the end of the fabric, have someone assist you by holding the baby and put it on the back facing down.
  4. Slide the cloth from your waistline upwards towards the baby shoulder while the person assists in adjusting the bottom of the fabric till the underneath covers the baby’s boom; lower the baby as you lean forward. Put the fabric up to the shoulder for the younger ones but the older can go uncovered.
  5. Take the right side of the cloth, put in the other over right shoulder as the left side goes under your armpit.
  6. Tie twice both ends together in front between your breasts. As from this pint the baby sits on the top of the boom with the legs wrapped round your waist. Caution; the baby might fall if not well tied.
  7. The steps can be varied if you want to carry the baby towards the front. You only need to lean forward raise your left arm and slide the baby towards the front and then move the knot towards your shoulder.

How to accessorize your outfit with kitenge fabric


African fabric kitenge is adored attire today. The fabric which was mainly known for making gowns for women is transforming as it is used to make bags,shoes, suits,cups,hairbands, and bangles among others. Therefore wearing kitenge fabric accessories with kitenge would be the perfect way to stand out. Here are kitenge accessories you can pair with non monochrome outfits

  1. Kitengefabric bag enhances your look when wearing a dress with fewer colors. The also when dressed with a dress with one color, kitenge clutch provide the busy details to the monochromatic look.
  2. Bangles All you need is simple bracelet, kitenge fabric and voila. When the fabric is mixed with medal they give your bracelet an African look. Bangles flatten their outfit thus one finds it fun. Thinner kitenge bungles look better with three quarter fitting jacket.
  3. Fabric Stud or earrings.Studs enhances color print and texture to your face as large earrings look great with a dress with smaller patterns.
  4. Head wraps or scarves, though they makes one to look like a school girl, pairing the headband with your outfit that has simple and clear silhouette give one a classy look.
  5. Boe-tie is used to compliment various outfit and hairdo depending on occasions. It can be used as a hair accessory to have girl look. It can also be worn on a colored, shirts,dresses,blouse for official functions, date or cocktail.
  6. Shoes .Ranging from kitenge loafers, stilettos, high heal, sandals to doll shoes, shoes enhances your look when paired with a dress with less patterns or monochrome outfit.
  7. Fabric necklaces. There are paired in two or three pairs thus enhancing the look of your shoulder. Necklaces gives on a trendy chick look and highlights the African culture in your our outfit. This blends well with a v-shaped neck or even a Chinese neck shaped dresses
  8. Fabric hut or caps. This enhances the African look in your beach ware outfit .the hut can either be fully made from the fabric or use a black  hut with a kitenge fabric tied on it
  9. kitenge fabric ring .It is a quick  and effortless  away to add edge  to  look to your yet to find out if its fit for traditional weddings.
  10. hair bands.fabric hairbands are used to style up look hair and braids. It gives a classy look with outfit of less patterns .

Occasions when the first lady Margret Kenyatta rocked in Kitenge


Kitenge forms an important part of the East African culture. It has a long history of that gives east African region identity. This fabric has attractive complex to controversial celebrities from far and beyond. Along the big number of celebrities is Kenyan first lady Margret Kenyatta has been seen in different scenes and event wearing the fabric. The fashion style gives her a unique, classy, decent and consistence look. Here are occasions that she appeared dressed in kitenge.

Occasions when the first lady Margret Kenyatta rocked in Kitenge
Occasions when the first lady Margret Kenyatta rocked in Kitenge


  1. During Uganda visit when she accompanied her hubby President Uhuru. The main aim of the visit was bilateral talk between the Uganda’s Yoweri Museveni and Uhuru important development between the two countries. The First Lady dressed in a green ensemble a head scarf and a matching dera.
  2. At recent Pupils Reward Scheme (PURES) mentoring program that aims at mentoring students in clever pupils from all over the country, Maggie was dressed for the event. Her dress had a lovely pattern. The minimal accessories a band and necklace complimented the look.
  3. During the past prayer breakfast meeting. She was dressed in a nice two piece ensemble and a color-matching pendant. Her nails were nicely done and it was a perfect outfit to blend her Kitenge fabric and the occasion.
  4. She toned down her traditional regalia in Bomet County while commissioning the 31st mobile clinic in the country. The gown she was wearing and the headband fits her very well. The gown patterns are consistent with the overall color of the dress.
  5. During a tour in New York with President Uhuru Kenyatta, at the reception hosted in honor of heads of state and Government attending the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) in New York.
  6. During the fifth Tokyo international conference on Africa development that was held in Tokyo in 2015 .Mrs. Kenyatta represented Africa fully including the dressing she was dressed in Kitenge.
  7. When she addressed Kenyan in diaspora on the status of women during a reception hosted by the Ministry of Devolution and Planning and the Kenyan Mission to the United Nations in New York at the UN headquarters during the 59th session of the Commission. Margaret was in a long Kitenge dress with a head scarf, the dress made her short and the headscarf made her even shorter.
  8. She rocked the red carpet in kitenge during her son   fashion event when she pulled out of   catwalk.


10 ways of styling your Kitenge fabric to fit your wardrobe


Kitenge which for the long time worn by women, wrapped around the chest or waist, as a headscarf or as a baby sling, is now changing the face of African culture. Thanks to the designers in the fashion industry who can now modify the fabric to style up your looks and fashion. Here are ways to style up your Kitenge fabric to improve your wardrobe.

Kitenge fabbric









  1. Dress

This has improved from old schooled, long and unfitting dresses worn by our mothers to knee length dresses. The length gives one an African chick look thus being trendy. Kenya’s First Margret Kenyatta has been among celebrities at the forefront of making Kitenge dresses newer. The dresses range from skaters, long dresses and peplum dresses that give, you classy look depending on occasion.

  1. Skirts

Kitenge skirts give one a formal look when blended with plain color blouses and tops. The fabric also opens up for one to choose from a large number of type’s skirt you need. Those include pencil skirts, strait and skater skirts.

  1. Waist coat

For men the trend is changing from old fashioned shirts for old men to waistcoats. Young men are shining in Kitenge waist coats. It all started when the TPF contestant went on stage with Kitenge waist coat.

  1. Pants

This enhances vintage looks among ladies who are dressed in it   thus looking stylish. They look sophisticated when paired with plain blouse or shirt for both men and women. This pairing reduces color thus giving you a simple and classy look.

  1. Jackets

When paired with plain colors especially black one it brings the divine nature in you. When well blended the Kitenge jacket can used during formal occasions.

  1. Harem pants

When stitched with Kitenge fabric, harem pants look stylish thus giving you classy look. The pants are roomy, fitting and extremely sophisticated.

The fashion industry is evolving from leather clutch bag to fabricated ones. Leather hand bags are replaced by those made from Kitenge fabric.

  1. Shoes

Blending a patch or full foot wares  with Kitenge fabric gives one a classy look. This is achieved mainly on doll shoe and high heels for ladies.designers make  kitenge  theme  male shoes using African print  and designs. This ranges from loafers to stilettos,


  1. Necklace

These are made from remains of the fabric added on a normal necklace. The necklaces have attractive and simple designs that enrich the whole dress. These necklaces are always in pieces more than two sets thus creating impression of complexity and clarity

  1. Scarfs

Though the fabric makes traditional scarf, when well designed and blended with contrasting color, Kitenge scarf give one a classy look especially during informal occasions. Therefore anytime you think of designing Kitenge fabric think wisely depending on your choices and preferences.


Ladies: 5 ways of blending Kitenge dress

Kitenge fabric, as commonly known to the fashion conscious ladies due to its flexibility and elegance in being modified into various lovely African fashion. For ladies the fabric brings out the culture and alluring fashion.Having a Kitenge dress and looking trendy in the dress are two different things. Upgrading the style and look to bring out a trendy chick look could make Kitenge more appealing .Here are ways of blending Kitenge to sleeve out African chick;

how to blend kitenge
1. Leather jacket.
Leather jackets bring out the needed contrast element thus mixing with a cute Kitenge dress to make one stand out on a chick perspective.
2. Denim jacket or shirt
This brings out the harsh and unofficial look. Denim with Kitenge highlights tone that enable you look stylish and unique.It also assimilates all aspect of African culture and design to cool patterns that are classy. The denim jacket can give a chick an easy going look if it’s tied around the waist to enhance rhythmic flow.
3. Belts
To enhance curvaceous look and highlight your features use either large, bright colored or small belts depending on your size, they literally hold whole dress especially when made from color scheme of the dress or made of same material. All you need is to keep simple and complimentary.
4. Fabric necklaces
These are made from remains of the fabric added on a normal necklace. The necklaces have attractive and simple designs that enrich the whole dress. These necklaces are always in pieces more than two sets thus creating impression of complexity and clarity on your Kitenge.
5. Scarves
Scarves bring a touch of African gold fashion of your Kitenge. It is advisable to use contrasting color theme to create that fashionable and warm look. The matching colors can also make good head gears that can blend your dress though matching color scarf is a traditional way of having a headpiece.

Africa’s undisputed brand


Africa has for long stood out as one of the finest tourist destinations in the world, a factor contributed by our unique lifestyle widely envied in the world.

Africa has distinct natural sites, numerous natural scenery environments and a wide range of classy and sassy attires in our possession. Much has been attributed to the natural lifestyle and our valued way of life that is very distinct from other characters in the world.

Kitenge fabric on sale
Kitenge fabric on sale

One such dressing style is Kitenge. This is a culmination of different colours embedded together and integrated to produce a totally admirable gown that reflects a reasonable personality when won. Kitenge which in plural is termed as ‘vitenge’ is presently from the Swahili land at the coast. As many know, the coastal culture is characterized by a traditionally full length clothes to avoid exposing oneself to the world.

As a result of its welcoming nature, it has gained recognition among the Christian community in Kenya. Many respectful ladies nowadays embrace vitenge as a form of an appreciation geared towards a conducive environment for all notwithstanding the fact that there are others who still don’t welcome the idea as they perceive it to be a type of clothing made for the less conversant, timid, outdated and backward.

As the old adage goes that if a cloth makes a man, then kitenge makes a woman, there is a close relation to the authenticity and the glamour it brings when it comes to a proper presentation of a true African woman with dignity and self-respect. Kitenge portrays a woman of character, a personality with utmost self-distinct realization and a world filled with vigour and self-realization.

Its attractive nature, colorful and vibrant outlook and a true definition of class for those who value self-realization and selfless uniqueness has for time now earned it a title like no other.‘Colorful African fabric’ is an understatement. Those wearing this design not only reflect an eventful but domestic, everyday things happening in the lives of those who sell and wear the design. It particularly serves as an open forum for women to voice their opinions and concerns.

This attractive African way of life encompass a rich culture that should be cultivated and that stand out among those with class and value a true representation of vibrancy, colorful representation

It forms an important part of the East African culture. Kitenge fabric has a long history and gives the Eastern African region an identity. The simple dress from a simple region has attracted complex controversial celebrities from far and beyond; Beyonce, Gwen Stefani, Kim Kardashian and Solange are some of the celebrities that have been spotted on the red carpet wearing Kitenge designs.


In Kenya there is usually a planned event to celebrate and enlighten people on this unique attire. Dubbed Kitenge festival is a popular event held periodically and is meant to highlight the varied uses of Kitenge fabric. This vibrant cotton fabric is wax printed, using rotary printing machines. Most often it’s a multicolored, dark wax print on a lighter background. The printing on the cloth is done by a traditional batik technique. This gives a top class notch and touch, attracting the big admirance all over the world.

Kitenge forms continuous prints lengthwise with no distinct border lines separating one piece from the adjacent piece. During national holidays, jubilees etc. specific patterns are designed. A large variety of religious and political designs is found as well as traditional tribal patterns with various meanings. This way, it provides an opportunity for integration and the coming together of the nation, a factor very crucial in eliminating tribalism.

Due to its expressive and colorful outlook with the various colours ,patterns, writings and symbols which represent moods, feelings, cultures and traditions of native African people, it has earned itself the name ‘ communicating textile’ Some of the African countries where kitenge is worn are Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, and Sudan. It is an informal and inexpensive fabric with a distinctive border and political slogans.

It forms an important part of the East African culture. The fabric has a long history and gives the Eastern African region an identity. Though used in many African countries, Kitenge is yet to be accepted as an official dress as it is only worn during ceremonies and non-official functions.

The Maasai wear dark red kitenge garments to symbolize their love for and their dependence on the earth. In Malawi, Namibia and Zambia, kitenge is known as Chitenge. Chitenges are never worn by men in Malawi.