How to enhance the Muslim look with kitenge fabric

Gone are years when buying a hijab and buyer cloak or an over garmet, Buibiu was limited to certain colors and design  .they were boring and had same design. Colors are changing from  bold colors to modern African  look thus making them stylish.With kitenge fabric different trends are coming up and there is a lot to choose are choices ton enhance your look.


Clanguroe or scarfs

this stands out with  its unique design when incorporated with  a a is fit for both workplace or casual day out

High-low coat or shirt

it is comfortable to compliment your maxi skirt with kitenge high-low coat this enables one to stand out  especially because of the detailed designed.the coat can also be used to enhance your look in maxi dress or a black Buibui.

kitenge open cut

Almost looking like  a trench dress the design stand out on itself . You can wear it on an occasion  or a weekend out .sometimes the open cut can be plain color enhances with kitenge at the collar.

collar attraction

Making your kitenge dress with enhanced  collar attraction  gives you chance  accessories  your dress thus wear it with  a pear of heels to look elegant.




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