Traditional uses of kitenge fabric

Kitenge  was used used on occasions and in many ways either symbolically or for practical reasons.It was also used  in different settings to convey messages. here are some  traditional uses of kitenge.

Kitenge T.jpg

  • Slings to hold children 0on the back  of mothers
  • Also used for  to hold children at the front so as to hide them while breastfeeding.
  • When tied together kitenge fabric is used as a  decorative  piece e for the dinning table
  • Kitenge fabric is also uses as a beach  where it is wrapped around the waist  or the body to modify the look or shield from cold air
  • Sometimes the kitenge  fabric is can be framed  and  hanged on the walls to form  batik  or artworks.
  • In Malawi the kitenge also known as chitenge is customary worn by women during the funerals  for symbolic and practical reasons.
  • As a gift to your girls especially when they visit their granny.



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