Uses of kitenge fabric in interior design

The African culture is rich and it is evident in the items we use in our dailies life .Fabrics especially kitenge is the most used and outstanding fabric that enhance the culture in all parts of the continent. Its uses ranges from sarong, sling to carry babies, dressmaking and even decor. Its allure in making garment gives the main reason why kitenge decors look classy and wonderful.


The decors enhance color to the room thus making it brighter. the beauty in kitenge makes it the best decor to decorate  the  through making accessories and soft furnishing.

The patterns of kitenge fabric look classy and trendy when used in decor since used in decorating different accessories and the house in general . Though adding more texture and depth the patterns used makes the house more beautiful and appealing . The patterns are also important in enhancing the color pallets of your house by either mashing the shades or contrasting them.

While making choice on what  decor to make out of kitenge one arrange to chose from since the fabric makes several house decors such drapes and wall hangings  with African themes.  The fabric is also used to make upholstery  to enhance bolder look. A few cushion cover done with the fabric in a contemporary theme  will give them the exotic look. During meals to enhance the appetite for African dinner  by using kitenge table runner or add kitenge centerpiece to plain colors .


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