Kitenge designs that every Nairobian chick should have  in her wodrobe 

Every lady desires to have a wardrobe choice that reflects her style.  This is because fashion is the most direct way to make your presence known without uttering a word. It can, therefore,a bit tricky when you have to balance between being expressive and trying not to send the wrong message, especially tothose Mafisi roaming about. Below are some of the latest kitenge fashion in Nairobi that will give you both a classy feel without compromising your fine style sense.

1. The Denim On kitenge look
You wilk never find a misplaced denimm on a kitenge look. This is simply because this composition is both a fabulous and also a strong weekend look. 

2. Kitenge Bubble and Lace Dresses,  thishas a well composed fashion aspect about the body structure thus cannot be avoided by team Mafisi on the streats of nairobi. When paired with plain tank top they enhance and give balance to trending design

3.kitenge Trench coats 

Trench coats paired with a short body con dresses are  for wormth.are not only among the cutestlatest fashion trends in Nairobi, but they arealso a good idea whenyou want to keep warm. It can come as an add on to that lovely little ankara  dress on that date.

4.Plaid ankara Pencil Skirt
the plaid or pattern trend fashion has spread becousr it enhanced simplicity and flexibility by giving a cute loik without revealing alot. Idesign guves the chick that bonus look when they have the weastafrican or maasai print.

 5. Maxi Dress GameThough they look more presavative, Kitenge Maxi skirts are a fabulous and surely enchanting way to keep your style on point. A bright colored kitenge maxi skirt can be paired with a dark sleeveless top and enhance with accesories.

6. KitengeJumpsuit 

Jumpsuits are of course a fresh twist to the traditional formal pant suit.  Being a formal fleek ware they can be enhabced with  plain and brighter blaxer  to amplify yout look.

7. Bodycon Dress
The bodycon dress give a deluxe feeling when you enter into a room containing member of the Mafisi sacco. It also increases your esteem when assesorised with high heels.

8. Kitenge Skater Skirt
Skater skirts are simply cute and amazingly dapper to wear when you want to be a bit more style to your skirt game.


9. Maxi Shirt

Maxi shirts are amongthe most charming trends in the latest fashion in Nairobi. This is obviously because they take a normal piece of clothing to a whole different level of fancy. They are definitely awesome with your favorite pair of jeans to keep things sleek. 

10.Katenge themed Sweatpants and Jumpers
For a cute casual look have a kitenge themed sweatpants. Though they look tomboyish the pants how you style them with the  kitenge thmed sweatshirt or jumper determine how hot you are.

11. The kitenge dedicate  Mini Dress

My dress my choice has enhanced the loveliness in small packages called mini stuffs. Just revealing a bit of God’s given in kitenge mini dress.

12. All Ankara

The material has gone through some crazy twist to convert the traditional fabric into a lovely attire for Nairobians. The dress can be customize to any design you want.

13. The Stunning High Waist Look

High waistis  trousers the trending fashion in Nairobi Becouse of the freedom that it fives the crop top lovers.They are furthermore easy to pair up with your favorite crop top and finally a coat if the weather demands so. This look has you all styled up and effortless without breaking a sweat.


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