How to tie you baby using Kitenge fabric

Kitenge for the long time have been use by African mothers to tie children on the back. This easy your work and you are able to malt ask .in Kenya this is commonly among house helps or nannies who are given work to do as they babysit. With Kitenge fabric you have no reason to finish you work on time as you can work with you the baby on your back. You thought of trying these here are the steps.

fig 1. how to tie you baby on the back using kitenge fabric
fig 1.mother in process of tying the baby on  her back. 
  1. Find a rectangular piece of fabric. Always use soft but sturdy cotton that is one metre wide
  2. Put the cloth at your waistline and kneel forward with your torso parallel to the ground.
  3. Lean forward and grab the end of the fabric, have someone assist you by holding the baby and put it on the back facing down.
  4. Slide the cloth from your waistline upwards towards the baby shoulder while the person assists in adjusting the bottom of the fabric till the underneath covers the baby’s boom; lower the baby as you lean forward. Put the fabric up to the shoulder for the younger ones but the older can go uncovered.
  5. Take the right side of the cloth, put in the other over right shoulder as the left side goes under your armpit.
  6. Tie twice both ends together in front between your breasts. As from this pint the baby sits on the top of the boom with the legs wrapped round your waist. Caution; the baby might fall if not well tied.
  7. The steps can be varied if you want to carry the baby towards the front. You only need to lean forward raise your left arm and slide the baby towards the front and then move the knot towards your shoulder.