5 Reasons why you should have Kitenge in your wardrobe

Thinking of changing your wardrobe? Then try Kitenge since its outstanding features that make it outstanding. Here are reasons why you need Kitenge.

kitenge why

  1. Fashion

Kitenge has extra ordinary characteristics that make it an elegant fabric thus having several stuffs in your wardrobe made of Kitenge fabric transfers the elegance to your fashion. This creates uniqueness in fashion.

  1. Culture

Kitenge reflects African culture and traditions. Thus it presents our heritage that is passed from one generation to another without getting out of fashion.

  1. Health effective

Kitenge is made off 100% cotton thus and because of its hyper allergic feature of cotton makes it ideal for skins prone to allergies. The fabric is also breathable and transmits moisture away from skin thus removing excess water from the skin. Kitenge is also has resistance to dust and durable thus good for decor.

  1. Does not fade

Kitenge are made of natural fiber thus making it breathable band good in temperature regulation. When dried Kitenge becomes softer this makes it not to fade

  1. Wide length

Originally Kitenge are made of 6yards that is 5.4 meters length. The wider length provides enough material while designing a cloth. You are guaranteed of a uniform design or several designs when mixed with other colors.



10 ways of styling your Kitenge fabric to fit your wardrobe


Kitenge which for the long time worn by women, wrapped around the chest or waist, as a headscarf or as a baby sling, is now changing the face of African culture. Thanks to the designers in the fashion industry who can now modify the fabric to style up your looks and fashion. Here are ways to style up your Kitenge fabric to improve your wardrobe.

Kitenge fabbric









  1. Dress

This has improved from old schooled, long and unfitting dresses worn by our mothers to knee length dresses. The length gives one an African chick look thus being trendy. Kenya’s First Margret Kenyatta has been among celebrities at the forefront of making Kitenge dresses newer. The dresses range from skaters, long dresses and peplum dresses that give, you classy look depending on occasion.

  1. Skirts

Kitenge skirts give one a formal look when blended with plain color blouses and tops. The fabric also opens up for one to choose from a large number of type’s skirt you need. Those include pencil skirts, strait and skater skirts.

  1. Waist coat

For men the trend is changing from old fashioned shirts for old men to waistcoats. Young men are shining in Kitenge waist coats. It all started when the TPF contestant went on stage with Kitenge waist coat.

  1. Pants

This enhances vintage looks among ladies who are dressed in it   thus looking stylish. They look sophisticated when paired with plain blouse or shirt for both men and women. This pairing reduces color thus giving you a simple and classy look.

  1. Jackets

When paired with plain colors especially black one it brings the divine nature in you. When well blended the Kitenge jacket can used during formal occasions.

  1. Harem pants

When stitched with Kitenge fabric, harem pants look stylish thus giving you classy look. The pants are roomy, fitting and extremely sophisticated.

The fashion industry is evolving from leather clutch bag to fabricated ones. Leather hand bags are replaced by those made from Kitenge fabric.

  1. Shoes

Blending a patch or full foot wares  with Kitenge fabric gives one a classy look. This is achieved mainly on doll shoe and high heels for ladies.designers make  kitenge  theme  male shoes using African print  and designs. This ranges from loafers to stilettos,


  1. Necklace

These are made from remains of the fabric added on a normal necklace. The necklaces have attractive and simple designs that enrich the whole dress. These necklaces are always in pieces more than two sets thus creating impression of complexity and clarity

  1. Scarfs

Though the fabric makes traditional scarf, when well designed and blended with contrasting color, Kitenge scarf give one a classy look especially during informal occasions. Therefore anytime you think of designing Kitenge fabric think wisely depending on your choices and preferences.